12 Life Dimensions

An overview of how Habbi uses the 12 life dimensions concept to reflect at the end of each year.
12 Life Dimensions

In MWW37, Habbi talks about how she uses the 12 life dimensions, a concept developed by Lifebook, and she mentions it again in MWW43 She says on the episode she hasn’t really dug deep into their suggested approach, she simply used their defined life dimensions as prompts for reflection and then transferred those findings into action items and goals.

The 12 Life Dimensions

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Character
  5. Spiritual
  6. Love & Relationships
  7. Parenting
  8. Social
  9. Career
  10. Financial
  11. Quality of Life
  12. Life Vision


The way Habbi does it is to write stream-of-conciousness about each life dimension on the right hand side of a big notebook, and then after each section, write out the actionable todos or goals that come from that session of reflection on the left-hand side.

The goals and action items then get transferred into Habbi’s day-to-day system of running her life. Habbi says she’s not limited to doing this only at the end of the year, these can be particularly helpful to revisit at any life-change that is happening, or even the changing of the season.

However during Habbi’s annual reflections, the outcome might be further developed into her Yearly Theme. This is not very far from the concept Lifebook presents, where they recommend breaking each dimension into:

  • Premise
  • Vision
  • Purpose
  • Strategy

Here is more information about Lifebook, and here’s where you can listen to Habbi talk about how she uses their framework as prompts.