At MakeWorkWork we are all about creating purposeful workflows for ourselves and others. Here are some resources we make accessible to listeners of the show to make them easy to find.


12 Life Dimensions

The 12 life dimensions, are simply 12 different areas of life that you can use to reflect on the year. They include everything from career and financial, to spiritual and emotional dimensions. Here is our resource for 12 Life Dimensions.

Goal Setting

Goal setting is the process of taking something intangible like a direction you want to move into, and creating clear actionable steps as a way of getting there. It’s the process of writing down what you want to achieve. Here is our resource on Goal Setting.

Morning Pages

Morning pages are three pages, journaled by hand, of 'stream of consciousness' thoughts, every morning before you do anything else. Here is our resource for Morning Pages.

Yearly Theme

A Yearly Theme a word or a short phrase that can serve as a north star for all the decisions waiting to be made in a new year, big and small. Here is our resource for Yearly Themes.


Bullet Journal

A bullet journal isn't something you buy, it's something you create. It's an unstructured way to create plans and schedules. Here is our resource on the Bullet Journal.

Daily Notion Journal

A daily Notion journal is a database of journal entries made in Notion every day to both plan the day and reflect on how it went. Here is our template for a Daily Notion Journal.