When we realized our listeners were using our photos as their own wallpapers, we decided to make it official. In 2022, we launched MWW Monthly Wallpapers. Now, we are both pretty obsessed with these new monthly wallpapers. ✨


Dreamy November backgrounds are here. ☁️ Download yours here!


The vineyard did win! 🍷 Thanks to everyone who voted for their preferred October background on the MWW live. Grab it here.


September, not quite summer not quite fall – great for contemplative walks in the long sunsets. 🌅 Feels like the start of a new year to some, definitely with our September MWW background, available now 🌾


Our August wallpaper is here! This is from the journey to see the new volcano in Iceland (see some of the old lava field at the bottom against the sunset sky 👀) Grab yours here 🌋


Look at these palm trees on our July wallpaper 😍 🌴 Download yours here.


June is all about those beach vibes 🏖 Download the 2022 June wallpaper here.


In May we were all about the spring vibes. 🌸  Download the 2022 May wallpaper here.


April is the first month where we did two versions for both the home screen and the lock screen. We’re very happy with this decision! 📱Download the 2022 April wallpaper here.


For March, we adjusted the calendar to be centered based on an idea from one of our listeners. ☁️ Download the 2022 March wallpaper here.

March's mobile wallpaper by MakeWorkWork


Frosty feelings coming in from Canada. ❄️ Download the 2022 February wallpaper here.

February's mobile wallpaper by MakeWorkWork


New Year, new wallpaper. ⛷ Download yours here.  

This page is updated monthly with the latest background. You can find all our previous ones in this Dropbox folder.✨ If it becomes your home screen, we’d love for you to share it with us!