How to Support the Show

How to Support the Show

You can support the show if you want to contribute to us making MakeWorkWork sustainable so we can continue prioritizing the making of it. Here are the best ways to do it.

MakeWorkWork is created and made entirely by Hailley Griffis and Hrefna Helgadóttir (Habbi). The work that goes into each episode includes: planning the talking points, personal preparation, recording the show, editing the show, and then publishing the episode with its associated content on our website and other online media. Finally, we hire contractors to help us polish the audio quality and to lighten the load on administrative tasks.

MakeWorkWork is not our full-time job, so we are committing to this project in our personal time because (a) we love it, and (b) we find it fulfilling to see our work resonate and inspire our listeners in creating more purposeful workflows for themselves.

If you want to support us in making these resources available for free for everyone, here are some ways for you to contribute.

1. Spread the word

The easiest and best ways to support the show is to talk about it! Talk about it with your friends, or fellow workflow-obsessives; share it on your socials, or even better – if MakeWorkWork has inspired you to make something yourself, share that with us and we’ll share it onwards.

This goes for the podcast, or any of the resources we have made available as Notion templates, blog-posts on our website, custom made monthly calendar home wallpapers, and everything else.

2. Rate MWW on your podcast player of choice, or even leave a review!

The way to communicate in our era of the algorithm that you believe in a project and want it to continue to get made, is to rate it five stars on your podcast player of choice. Even better it is to write one or two sentences why our show resonates with you and leave it as a review.

This tells the Apples and Spotifys of the world that this show is a worthwhile listen so they can recommend it to those with similar interests.

3. Become a supporter

You can support the show by clicking the subscribe button and becoming a monthly or annual supporter. There are three tiers of support: free, $5.99, and $9.99.

This is the best way to support the show, and is the biggest source of income for us. This is why we give supporters access to every template we create and have the option to send a MakeWorkWork mug for a limited time.

4. Partner with MakeWorkWork directly

If you run a small business, or have a product you believe will resonate with the MWW audience, we are open to commercial partnerships. We offer different levels of ads and partnerships, from short ad-reads and receiving books and other send-ins to a deeper full episode collaboration.

We only take on partners we believe are aligned with the MakeWorkWork vision of creating more purposeful workflows that are actionable and we can share onwards with others. Email to start the conversation.

We thank you for the interest in supporting the show.

– Habbi & Hailley