MWW Daily Journal in Notion

Daily journaling is a practice that both Habbi and Hailley treasure. In 2022, they both started moving their journals to Notion as more of their systems are run from there.

Both Habbi and Hailley visit their Daily Journal within the first hour of waking up and use it to reflect and set priorities for the day.

Hailley discussed why it's been powerful for her in MWW40, saying that investing the five minutes of her day bookends her day beautifully, something that's extra important for someone who works from home. On MWW46, Habbi talks about how she uses the Daily Journal to set up a purposeful day. And on MWW48, both hosts share how this small daily action has helped them with their intentions throughout the year.

We've set up an MWW Daily Journal in Notion that is built on one from Marie Poulin. She is well-known for creating custom digital systems in Notion, and says:

For the last year or so, I’ve been doing my daily journal inside of Notion. I’ve been tracking things like my effectiveness, my moods, my happiness, my physical activity, my gratitude, anything that you can imagine that you’d want to track in a diary.
[It] has been helpful for creating routine and decreasing stress. Linking to my Master Database allows me to not only see how I felt on a particular day, but to see what I was doing that day, making me more mindful of how I spend my time.

- Marie Poulin, in 5 Tips for Using Notion as a Daily Journal

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