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MWW 46: A Proposer of Plans

MWW 46: A Proposer of Plans

A listener question sets up a discussion on electronic distractions, our work stations and staying accountable during work. It leads to a philosophical conversation about setting up an intentional work-day, and how they play to their strengths when planning their days.

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Identifying our processing style (00:00:20)

This episode opens on a new discovery from Hailley, who found a new framework for how we communicate and process the world around us.

Follow up: Admin Study Hall (00:22:50)

Setting up an intentional workday (00:25:34 )

A question on electronic distraction leads the two hosts into a conversation about setting up an intentional workday to protect the work from the bombardment of disctractions that come our way, electronic and physical.

The question in full, sent in from Simon:

Recently I’ve found myself constantly flipping between tasks, and then working on an internet browser nipping off to look at other webpages, then the other open app. Hailley I recall you work on a big screen and Habbi you're more laptop based, I just wondered if you found whether monitor size makes a difference.
I tried a few thing lately and found closing down Outlook and only checking emails a few times a day and only having the essential apps open, like Spotify playing Iceland Music playlists and Twitter List open for @mworkwork.
As strange as it sounds one thing I’ve been trialing this week is in.flow which is a virtual co-working platform where you sign up for 60 or 120 minute sessions where you are in a virtual room, say hello to other people and then work with cameras on but no microphones. It kind of gives you that office feel but without actually been in one. You never know it could be the next makeworkwork virtual group idea???

Our work stations & accountability (01:03:44)

Prompted to cover their current work-stations, Habbi and Hailley list out their work set-ups and move into a conversation about how they stay accountable and focused at work.

Hailley’s office set up:

Habbi’s work set up:

Leave a comment below if you’d be interested in doing a MakeWorkWork Study Hall!

Listener shout outs (01:36:29)

Thank you so much to Simon for the excellent question. And thank you to all of our new members who've signed up from the following countries: Canada, Columbia, Germany, India, Kenya, Nigeria, UK, and the US (California, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, and Texas).