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MWW 18: Sent from l'phone

MWW 18: Sent from l'phone

In the midst of a wild few months, the hosts record at an unusual time and place. Long-standing questions get answered, like what are Habbi's DailyDos and LinkedIn questions for Hailley. Finally, they explore the viral email sign-offs alignment chart from lawful good to chaotic evil.

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In This Episode

00:04:17 Follow up
00:17:20 Habbi’s DailyDos
00:34:20 LinkedIn tips from Hailley
01:13:35 Networking horizontally
01:24:50 Email sign-offs


Todoist karma
Episode 14
Habbi’s DailyDos shortcut
Health spreadsheet
Christine Røde
The Daily Stoic
Hailley’s blog post on LinkedIn profile staying updated
Hailley’s blog posts on LinkedIn editing
Hailley’s blog post on LinkedIn tips
The email sign off alignment chart
Julia Burnham