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MWW48: A Devotion to the Life I Want

MWW48: A Devotion to the Life I Want

Habbi and Hailley talk about how they set up their intention for a whole year and then how they keep it present in their daily lives. Routines play a big part, and spoiler alert – it involves their Notion Daily Journals.

00:01:34 2023 Reflection

Habbi reflects on her theme of the year: 🌳 2023, Year of Investing. Hailley went back to goal-tracking, and this year, she focused on identity-based goals. Even from different approaches, they both really finessed their systems this year.

00:34:01 Using Annual Planning to Set up Intentional Time Management

Habbi and Hailley deep dive into their daily journals, which is how they do daily check-ins on what they set out to do each year as a part of their annual planning. This has become a treasured routine for both hosts.

01:03:48 Memo

Hailley and Habbi are both more active on Threads; they’d love to connect with listeners there.

01:07:16 Shout Outs

Shoutout to the listeners who shared their wonderful submissions about their theme of the year last time. If you'd like to share yours for 2024, you can email hello@makework.work.

A thank you as always to Jan, who mixes the audio of this podcast — check out his work at wearelisteners.com.