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MWW 47: Shark Summer 🦈

MWW 47: Shark Summer 🦈

The theme of this episode is 'Shark Summer' or 'Work Christmas,' i.e., that time when it's the busiest time of year. Habbi and Hailley ask if work can be under control when the workload is completely out of control?

00:00:45 Habbi's Shark Week – Iceland Airwaves

It's Habbi's busiest week of the year, Iceland Airwaves! This leads the two hosts to explore workload, inbox zero, and how to stay on top of things when work gets relentless.

Drama and not in a fun way

00:22:32 Hailley's Shark Summer

Hailley talks about hiring; how to deal with a high-profile project that takes over not just your calendar, but also your inboxes with the avalanche of inbound messages it generates.

You have to ruthlessly prioritze

01:13:05 MakeWorkWork – Personality Frameworks

A central theme on MakeWorkWork has been using personality frameworks to become better collaborators, and we particularly like the Enneagram, Strengths Finder, and the Four Tendencies. We now have a blogpost on each one outlining why they've each become so meaningful to us.

Special Shoutouts

Thanks to Alicia for the kind words about our Four Tendencies post. A thank you as always to Jan who mixes the audio of this podcast — check out his work at wearelisteners.com.