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MWW 21: The Year of Smooth Sailing

MWW 21: The Year of Smooth Sailing

In this massive final episode of 2019, Habbi and Hailley tackle one of their favourite topics —  the end of year. They reflect on yearly themes, share all their numbers and reveal a secret that they’ve kept for the past year. This episode is packed with stats, end of year favourites, and, of course, plans for 2020. Happy New Year, everyone!

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In This Episode

00:03:41 Follow up
00:19:29 Yearly themes
00:50:21 MWW stats from 2019
01:09:58 End of year favourites: tech
01:22:13 End of year favourites: travel
01:42:16 End of year favourites: books
01:56:11 2020 goals
02:06:49 End of year plans


The Artist's Way Workbook, by Julia Cameron
People that helped with Habbi’s blog post: Martyn, Alice, Kerry, Eric, Jaslyn, and Rosa
Yearly themes episodes: Episode 9, Episode 12
The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday
Buffer’s values
Being Boss podcast
Article: Thanks for listening to a year of MakeWorkWork

LG 25-in UltraWide Monitor
MOFT Laptop Stand
Yeti Rambler Tumbler
Habbi’s 84 point travel checklist
Marie Kondo
Habbi’s travel cubes
Away travel cubes

Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads
My Friend Anna, by Rachel Deloache Williams
Anna Delvey
Rachel Deloache Williams on Instagram
The Four Tendencies
Brandon Sanderson
No Is Not Enough, by Naomi Klein

Hailley’s blog post on setting goals
Rebel Book Club  
Hailley’s end of year reflection prompts
Rebel Book Club format for reading
Keep Start Stop
The email sign off alignment chart
The Square of Done