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MWW 34: All Day Video Calls All Day

MWW 34: All Day Video Calls All Day

The show is back on a real-time schedule! Habbi and Hailley share updates on their new roles in work and life, and it’s a perfect time to get into a theme update. Plus, an unexpected conversation about meal processes and a lot of assigned listener homework.

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In This Episode

00:02:50 Life update
00:10:09 Theme check in
00:41:47 Work updates
01:35:45 Shout outs
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Liam’s weight loss journey
How to build a tint working treadmill for your hamster
Habbi sorts people’s pets into Hogwarts houses
Icelandic Indie on Iceland Music playlist
MWW playlist
Listener playlist
Earl Grey cake
Quinoa curryCauliflower curry

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