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MWW 39: Small But Big Things

MWW 39: Small But Big Things

In this episode, Hailley and Habbi reflect on a new era of their work lives that involves managing freelancers and team members, deciding on tools, and the struggles and benefits of connecting across the internet and in person.

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In This Episode

00:09:27 Scope of roles
00:20:29 Hiring
00:42:20 Content calendar
00:52:58 Connecting remotely and in person
01:01:18 Shout outs
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The Power of Ritual: Turning Everyday Activities into Soulful Practices, by Casper ter Kuile
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Rituals for Virtual Meetings: Creative Ways to Engage People and Strengthen Relationships, by Glenn Fajardo and Kursat Ozenc
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How to use Notion database views

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