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MWW 4: Goats Are Not Known For Speed or Elegance

MWW 4: Goats Are Not Known For Speed or Elegance

We have a podcast that is live now! It's a little meta to talk about launching a creative project, on said creative project – but that's exactly what we're doing. Oh, and also whether notifications are a nuisance now, and if the continental United States can be crossed in two trips.

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In this episode

7:45 Follow up
22:10 Turning off notifications
28:48 Goats and Rats on the internet
38:49 Travel
49:39 Work and Productivity
54:11 Topic: launching a creative project


Notifications: A Tragedy Of the Digital Commons by Scott Belsky
What is the tragedy of the commons? by Nicholas Amendolare
Turn Off Your Push Notifications. All of Them in Wired Magazine
Find your rat people by Paul Jarvis
100% GOATS on Twitter

UK is weird
The Oxford v Cambridge Goat Race in Time Out
Time Out's favourite goat photo
Habbi's Secret
Colorado Altitude
Imposter Syndrome
Google Docs
Working Asynchronously

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