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MWW 6: Super Ninja Grandma

MWW 6: Super Ninja Grandma

Habbi and Hailley share beginning of year plans including resolutions vs goals vs habits vs tasks. In a surprise twist, Habbi has a sneaky productivity product that she'd told no one about (till now!). P.S. Sending in your very own personal plans/processes for 2018, can and will trigger serious excitement shrieks from the two hosts.

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In This Episode

25:15 End of year reflection and goals/planning for 2018
35:00 Daily stoic journaling
1:03:15 Time tracking
1:14:32 Books


Kerry’s affair with todoist
Cal Newport’s digital declutter
Quit social media” - Cal Newport
Article in the New York Times on digital declutter
Daily Stoic book
Daily stoic journal
Daily stoic email list
Hailley’s list of passwords
Hailley’s article on setting goals
Buffer’s 6 week cycles
Hailley on goals, habits, tasks, and resolutions
Productive app
Streaks app
Hello Internet podcast episode
One Line A Day journal
Morning Pages in less than 3 minutes
Morning Pages book “The Artist's Way
1 in 10 Icelandic people write books
Icelandic poetry book: Slitförin, Fríða Ísberg
Icelandic poetry book: Ljóð fyrir letingja, Haukur Homm
Habbi’s Twitter account
Rescue Time
Habbi’s tweet about time tracking
Hailley’s Todoist year in review
Joel’s tracking Twitter account
Artemis audiobook
Rosario Dawson
Golden Compass audiobooks