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MWW 24: Homescreen Godmother

MWW 24: Homescreen Godmother

Habbi and Hailley go over responses from the ramekin photos and review their pandemic home screens — who needs Google Maps anymore? Beverages come up, naturally. And in some big news, the first MakeWorkWork call for recorded questions from listeners goes out! Follow the instructions in the shownotes to submit a question for a future episode.

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In This Episode

00:00:59 Follow up
00:34:17 Pandemic home screens
01:02:09 Being hard on yourself
01:14:16 Ask us anything
01:22:30 Shout outs


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Martyn’s tea bag holder
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Habbi old home screen screenshot page one
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Habbi’s home screen screenshot
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Habbi’s old widget screen:
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Habbi’s widget screen screenshot
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