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MWW 27: Homework… For Your Birthday

MWW 27: Homework… For Your Birthday

After a few exciting updates about professional campaigns involving beverages and niche podcast industry fangirling, Habbi and Hailley get to the bottom of why time feels so weird in 2020, share their new work setups, and elaborate on a few changing work processes.

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In This Episode

00:27:30 Time
00:49:11 Making the most of our surroundings
01:36:02 Work processes
02:17:38 Shoutouts


Habbi’s least favourite emojis
Mild panic emoji
How I Met Your Mother “Whats wrong with the captain
Luna the cat
Evian’s Positive Drops: Positive Ponders
Relay FM
Myke Hurley
Podcast mentorship programme

Ann Friedman’s newsletter
Why time feels so weird in 2020
Call Your Girlfriend podcast
Iceland now feels like the coronavirus never happened
Theories of Time
The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron

Noon meeting gets moved forward tweet
Buffer is moving to a 4-day work week for the rest of 2020
Y Combinator

Amir Salihefendić, CEO of Todoist
Hailley’s article about to-do lists
Hailley’s article about LinkedIn
Maya’s unicorn pin
Andreia’s workspace
The MakeWorkWork Bookshelf

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