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MWW 28: Sub-Tweeted in Iceland Twitter

MWW 28: Sub-Tweeted in Iceland Twitter

In this end of year episode, Habbi and Hailley have a follow up extravaganza and share several new discoveries about Notion and email. They also wrap up 2020 by checking in on their themes of the year and end on a conversation on strengths and weaknesses.

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In This Episode

00:13:16 Follow up
00:40:30 Notion
01:07:04 Email
01:22:13 Iceland updates
01:37:20 Theme of the year
02:23:20 Memos
02:30:17 Shout- outs


Weekend Wednesdays
Buffer’s 4 day work week
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Enneagram 5 moves to 7 in stress
How people organize bookshelves on Twitter
Habbi’s public Notion
The MakeWorkWork Bookshelf
Emailing to let people know you’ve received their email
Atomic Habits, by James Clear
James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter
Friends of Iceland
The Daily Stoic, by Ryan Holiday
The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron
Marie Kondo
StrengthsFinder 2.0, by Tom Rath
Myke Hurley
Analog(ue): Throwing Sparks

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