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MWW 30: The Work Work, If You Will

MWW 30: The Work Work, If You Will

In this Q&A extravaganza, Habbi and Hailley finally (!) answer listener questions and put some important follow up to rest. They answer questions on everything from distractions when working from home, the production of this show, and then there’s a surprising throwback involving early 2000s Icelandic pop stars.

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In This Episode

00:01:02 Follow up
00:05:45 Creative work
00:31:22 Remote work
00:56:44 Careers
01:21:17 Fun                                                                                                         *Timestamps may vary slightly based on the ads you hear.


Visual aids from Adrian
Hailley's post on LinkedIn
Habbi’s public Notion
Beauchamp laptop backpack
Tech reporters Twitter list
Google Drive
2021 State of Remote Work
Ford European Commuter Survey
Hank Green video
Jerry Seinfeld on traffic
Cat distraction meme
10 Mental Health Tips for Coronavirus Social Distancing
Deep Work, by Cal Newport
Episode 18 where we talk LinkedIn
Iceland’s submission to Eurovision in 2004
Icelandic theater Grease poster
Icelandic theater Grease video
Habbi’s Belgian rice cakes
Icelandic popcorn seasoning
Blueprint for Armageddon

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