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MWW 31: The Pressure of Perfection

MWW 31: The Pressure of Perfection

Almost two years after Habbi and Hailley first shared their Enneagram types, the two hosts revisit the topic with a full episode on the impact the Enneagram has had on their personal and professional lives. In this episode, they share an overview of the Enneagram, talk through productivity advice based on your Enneagram, and answer listener questions.

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In This Episode

00:13:28 Follow up
00:27:43 Enneagram overview
00:47:06 The impact of the enneagram
01:35:24 Productivity advice
01:59:39 Q&A
02:34:50 Shout outs


Newton’s first law
Newton’s second law
Ari Eldjárn: Pardon My Icelandic
Beverage chilling stones
The traditional enneagram (history)
Enneagram test (RHETI)
Enneagram Institute type descriptions
The Enneagram Made Easy, by Renee Baron

The Essential Enneagram, by  David Daniels and Virginia Price
Enneagram arrows
MWW 12: The Perfectionist Problem
Enneagram type 3 and 7 in a relationship
Harry Potter characters & their enneagram type
Productivity Advice, Based on Your Enneagram Personality Type
Ambition & Balance
Becky Kane
Todoist 2020 Year in Review

The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron
MWW 19: The Artist’s Way
MWW 8: Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy
How I Read 127 Books in One Year
The 80/20 rule
Unfuck Your Habitat

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