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MWW 32: Boom! You Look Professional

MWW 32: Boom! You Look Professional

Habbi updates her personal brand and Hailley is weirdly passionate about it. They share what personal branding means to them along with general strategies and tactics. Plus, updates on Habbi’s local volcano and Hailley’s family leave.

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In This Episode

00:15:44 Follow up + a personal update
00:29:39 How we approach personal branding
01:04:17 General strategies for personal branding
01:28:36 Memo                                                                                                          *Timestamps may vary slightly based on the ads you hear.


Earthquakes in Iceland
Iceland’s active volcano becomes a tourist hotspot
Geology with Helga
Blue lagoon
Habbi’s new role update
MWW 26, when Habbi got her last job
Iceland Music Export
Habbi’s playlists

Shopify hiring
Twitter hiring
Amplitude hiring
The 5 Types of Career Lists I Keep
How I Write a Future Job Description and Why It’s Useful
Myke Hurley
Relay FM membership

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