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MWW 8: Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy

MWW 8: Complaining Vigorously Totally is a Strategy

This episode is all about writing. The two hosts ponder the difficulties of writing plus share their processes and the tools they use. On top of it all, by the end of the show, there’s a personal breakthrough moment around books and reading.

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In This Episode

02:10 Follow up
09:00 Smart goals
25:25 Writing
57:50 Books and reading


Todoist blog post about labels
Episode 6: Where Habbi admits to time tracking
How RescueTime handles personal data
Habbi's Personal Playlists
Nielsen: Radio reaches 90% of Americans
S.M.A.R.T.E.R goals

Product Hunt
Product Hunt list example: Apps for Product Managers
Habbi's Top Tours of 2017 Series on Promogogo
SpreadShare: The spreadsheet tool
A radio station currently giving away $1,000 every hour
Hailley’s work Trello board
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Martyn’s website

Martyn's post about his aims
Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads
The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis
The Glass Throne Series, by Sarah J. Maas
The Dragon Kings Series, by Kimberly Loth
The Abhorsen Series, by Garth Nix
Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline
Artemis, by Andy Weir
Send us your job description based on the tools you use in this thread