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MWW 9: MakeWorkWork work

MWW 9: MakeWorkWork work

In last episode, Habbi and Hailley accidentally started talking about Impostor Syndrome so in this episode they face this massive topic head-on in an attempt to figure it out. Further, this episode is packed full of app-related drama, specifically for apps of the article-reading persuasion.

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In This Episode

05:07: Follow up
16:40 Work
34:17 The Instapaper Saga
46:33 Impostor Syndrome


Macbook adorable
Hailley duck sitting
Habbi’s iPad setup
Send us your job descriptions via the tools you use on Twitter!
(and Habbi’s correct guess!)
The MWW virtual bookshelf
Hailley’s website
Promogogo’s Instagram
Habbi’s Favourite Apps of 2016 (includes Instapaper reference)

Google Chrome multiple profiles
Slack was down
Habbi’s frustratingly still-in-progress homescreen
Google Chat
Apple multiple users
Preview app
Buffer iOS app

Habbi’s Instapaper saga on Twitter
Hailley’s blog post on books
Eva Chen’s Instagram
YA Sci-Fi & Fantasy Reader Squad Facebook Group
TedEd video on impostor syndrome

Quote about getting everything right on the first go
Why the Unskilled are Unaware paper
Yessi Bello-Perez’s article on impostor syndrome
Habbi’s profile on Goodreads
Hailley’s profile on Goodreads